DO-IT Japan

The DO-IT Japan is a program that helps the youth with disabilities. DO-IT means “Diversity, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology”. All the youth who have disability can receive help through this program and they will be able to understand themselves and their disabilities as well as independence. Those who are in middle school, high school, and university students who are considered as youth can also learn about self advocacy. In this program, there are sessions run by Microsoft and Softbank Robotics as it emphasizes technology importance.

There are workshops being done for this program and the topics include “Coming out about your invisible disability, Fly Away! Studying and working abroad, and Independence with a severe disability”. Since Japan is known for its advanced technology, it is not impossible for the youth in Japan who are suffering from their physical disabilities to do the things they want. Even if a person have a disability, it should not block him in knowing and realizing his value in his workplace or in the society.

In this program, there is a workshop on “Working with a disability”. There are many professionals who also had disabilities and yet they are also known to be successful in their own careers. Some have their own business and run it themselves while others work as a lawyer, teacher, and all the other profession that you know. It seems impossible for others to believe that a person with disability can do it. But  this program helps even the youth to have confidence in themselves.